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Savino Solution è un’azienda IT di consulenza e servizi tecnologici in outsourcing specializzata nella digitalizzazione a norma. Affianchiamo i nostri clienti in un percorso di reingegnerizzazione dei processi e digitalizzazione dei flussi documentali e informativi, nel quale le tecnologie ICT sono una componente importante, ma non l’unica, e soprattutto ben inquadrata all’interno di un processo produttivo. Abbiamo depositato il primo brevetto nazionale ed europeo per la conservazione digitale dei dati in blockchain e rendiamo la trasformazione digitale delle aziende sicura, efficiente ed efficace, rispettando le normative italiane ed europee in vigore.


Savino Solution is an IT consulting and outsourcing technology services company specializing in standardized digitization. We support our customers in a process of reengineering of processes and digitalization of document and information flows, in which ICT technologies are an important component, but not the only one, and above all well-framed within a production process. We have filed the first national and European patent for the digital storage of data in blockchain and we make the digital transformation of companies safe, efficient and effective, respecting the Italian and European regulations in force.


We are AGID (Agency for Digital Italy) accredited conservators, and the CEO Nicola Savino is considered one of the leading national experts in digitization according to the law of business processes, author of three books on Digital, speaker at numerous conferences and guest of various television operators, including Rai Economia and local TV.

For members of the CIO CLUB. we have created two ad hoc conventions:

  • The first allows you to use the E-INVOICE7 electronic invoicing service, also through NSO and PEPPOL, without having to purchase the software license in the one-off economic component. You will only purchase the service based on the number of active and passive invoices.
  • The second allows you to use the Symphosign product to sign IT documents through various electronic signature methods: digital, advanced electronic, OTP, PEC and Qualified Remote, without purchasing the software license in the one-off economic component.



Web App Scan is the Web Vulnerability Scan automated service. The Vulnerability Assessment Scanning Tool that allows you to identify vulnerabilities and security criticalities of websites and web applications. Vulnerability analysis aims to quantify the levels of risk and indicate the corrective and repositioning actions necessary for recovery.