Darktrace is the world’s leading cyber IA company and creator of autonomous response technology.
Its self-learning modeled on the human immune system and used by more than 3,500 orga
nizations to protect against threats to the cloud, email, IoT, networks and industrial systems.
The company has over 1,200 employees and is headquartered in San Francisco and Cambridge, UK, with offices in Milan and Rome.
Every 3 seconds, Darktrace’s A.M. battles a cyber threat, preventing it from causing dam
age. To CIO Club associates, Darktrace offers a free one-month PoV. For inf
ormation, simply send an email to stating in the subject line “Ref. CIO Club Italy”


CIO CLUB ITALIA has entered into an agreement with MKA, a manufacturer of certified sanitizer gels and detergents with a 78% higher than average rate of alcohol required, to facilitate the return to work of our companies.

The agreement offers companies the discounted price list without any intermediate passage from the manufacturer for gel disinfectant hands, surfaces, masks, columns, gloves and everything necessary for hygiene.

For information go to the website or send an email to indicating the convention “CIO CLUB ITALIA”

Below is the list reserved for the companies of the associates and links to the official website:

The CIO CLUB ITALIA has entered into an agreement with KONSULTING & SOLUTION APS.

The agreement offers Cral Card holders the following services:

Product Notes

For information send an email to: or download the official presentation here

Every CIO CLUB member, and every employee of the associates’ companies, can receive a full study of their financial position.

The study plans to make the request to all credit databases (crif, ctc, experian, cerved, cr ,cai) to develop a custom dossier.

The at the request of the member, the feasibility of accessing a request for a credit (financing, mortgage, divestment fifth) both for the need for liquidity and  using dedicated products to “restructure” debt position, improving current and/or adding additional liquidity if welcome.

It should be noted that the dossier costs a total of 300.00 euros, but thanks to the convention it is COMPLETE FREE


CIO Club Italia stipula una convenzione con 101Blockchains per i suoi corsi.

Usa pure i seguenti link per iscriverti ai corsi.
Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional
Enterprise Blockchains and Supply Chain Management
Enterprise Blockchains and Trade Finance
Enterprise Blockchains Actionable Templates & Tools
Enterprise Blockchains Fundamentals – New 2020
Introduction to Enterprise Blockchains

VALFLEX – Rinaldi Group

On the purchase of a double mattress will be OMAGGIATI No. 2 Cheeks NICOLE h. 13 (Pressurized pneumatic memory), with a total commercial value of 98 euros excluding models: Omar (13, 18, 20), Bond, Cleopatra, Jobs, Lucas, Woody

On the purchase of a double mattress will be OMAGGIATI No. 2 LEDA cheeks (cotton padding), with a total commercial value of 150 euros

Download the agreement with CIO CLUB ITALIA & Associated Companies

SonnyBono, New

Any associate registered to the official cio CLUB ITALIA website can collect the discount card. The card expiring 12/31/2020 entitles you to 20% off all non-promotion items and is valid for up to 1000 euros of spending made, even in multiple purchases, in sonny Bono stores owned by Marald S.p.A.

The discount is an exclusive of the members!

photocity property

Each associate registered to the official cio CLUB ITALIA website, can use the email address registered on the site to obtain the following discounts, which can be combined with active promotions on the site:

  • Photographic prints 5%
  • Incartha prints 10%
  • Gadget 7%
  • Calendars 7%
  • Incartha photobooks 7%
  • Photobooks 5%
  • Textile 5%
  • Professional photobooks 3%

The discount is an exclusive of the members!


Fast Lane, New1001

Company specializing in IT and Management training (

At Fast Lane we provide both basic and advanced “high-end” training, developing the skills of your technicians and guiding their professional development towards safe successes for your business.

Data Center & Virtualization, Cloud Computing & IoT, Networking, Mobility, Big Data, Cyber Security, Mobility & Collaboration: Fast Lane has the consultants and training capabilities needed to meet any of your needs in each of these specific technologies.

In addition to technical training in IT, Fast Lane offers managerial training courses (Project & Service Management and Corporate Governance), useful for the development of social skills fundamental to the company’s competitiveness.

The catalogue of courses available at the list is visible at the following link: course catalog 2020. The discounts, also organizing groups of different companies, are as follows:

  • Courses for 5 people – 15% list discount
  • Courses for 10 people – 30% list discount
  • Courses for 15 people – 40% listin0 discount

We have two free classrooms available in two locations on Naples. 

For the courses you want to take, send an email to

Bell Excellences

For CIO CLUB associates, a valid convention is active for: – Bel
ls Excellences in Via Brin 69, 10% discount of Restaurant/Bar services and products for sale – Promotional
offer Breakfast 7 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.: coffee-croetto/brioche (according to avail
ability) – 1.80th –
Excellences Sea Bells sita in Via Partenope 1B, 10% discount of the services of Restoration and on the products on sale Monday to Friday. Except for Friday dinner.

The discount will be applied directly to the cashiers after the presentation of the Bell Excellence card that can be withdrawn free of charge at the facility after fil
ling out a form. Any additional promotional proposals dedicated to your Employees may be agreed during the agreement.

If you are a CIO, click here to request your free DATA MANAGER magazine!